Setting up Quick Support for TeamViewer           


To start with, please find and open the QuickSupport app on your device.

Press the circle to go to the home screen, if QuickSupport is not on your home screen, tap the circle with 6 dots to open the app menu. Tap QuickSupport and it should ask you to download an add on. Tap download.

This will take you through to the play store. If you are already signed in, tap install and allow add on to download. 

If not, you will need to sign in. This will either require a Google account you already own or creating a new one.
If you have one already, enter email address and password and this will sign you in. If not, tap create an account and follow instructions to open a Google account.

Once done, sign in and continue to download the add on. Once complete, open QuickSupport again and it will show you an I.D number. This is what we need to connect so at this point, call us back and we will be able to dial in.


If QuickSupport is not installed on your device already, please follow the link below to download and install it to your device. You can then follow the above steps to install the add on and let us dial into your machine.


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