What is it?


Dealer on Demand is our trade only – simple to use service which uses a ‘black box’, providing full diagnostics and programming functions for any car.

Ideal for use in multi-brand service centres and body shops where you can reduce key to key times, and the number of car movements to main dealers for diagnostics related tasks.


The device can be plugged into any standard 16-pin OBD port and our remote operator connect to the car and use the appropriate diagnostics tool to complete the required task e.g. health check, program new components, ADAS, SRS, etc. The service can also be used if your diagnostics tool does not have the cover required.

Watch this short video explaining what Dealer on Demand is!



  • ADAS Calibration 

  • New headlights program/configure 

  • Read, clear and report 

  • Battery coding 

  • Service reset 

  • Airbag module coding 

  • TPMS reset 

  • AdBlue reset/coding

  • And MORE!


  • Easy to use – ‘Plug and Go!’ 

  • Remote programming functions

  • Ideal to use with our ADAS Calibration Systems

  • DOIP support

Dealer on Demand