What is it?


The ServicePad Mobile is a powerful palm-sized Diagnostic Tool that can read over 60+ different manufacturers from Europe, Asia, and America.

This tool can perform full system diagnostics whilst being easily stored in your pocket!

ServicePad Mobile: Specs:


  • CPU: STM32

  • LCD Display: 1 inch

  • Bluetooth: 3.0/4.0 compatible

  • Memory: 512KB

  • LED lights: Bluetooth and power indicator, vehicle diagnostic connection indicator

  • Lighting power supply: 100mAh

  • Working Temperature: 0℃ ~ 45℃

  • Storage Temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃

ServicePad Mobile LV2.png


The ServicePad Mobile is a pocket-sized Diagnostics Tool that users can simply pair with an IOS or Android device!


  • Ability to quickly Read and Clear codes in modules for American, European, Asian cars (See the full list below)

  • One-click ‘Automatic Scan’, reads codes in ALL modules and displays them on the Phone/Tablet

  • PIN Switching and DOIP Compatible

  • Single cost for access to ALL manufacturers

  • 2 Years Software Updates included

  • Built-in torch for locating vehicle OBD port

ServicePad Mobile